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A new open source ad publishing service geared towards the replacement of craigslist personal section. All ad's are free of charge and displayed in a simply to read and find format.

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Generate PDF's for free and with ease using our online service or our PHP API. Very simple to use with only one endpoint and supports both Get and POST. I built this after running into the issue of generating high quality PDF conversions from web applications. This service is free to use and can accept CURL Posts to integrate into your apps with ease.

UUID Generator

A small simple bit of javascript to generater unique UUID codes.


Did he really just say that...

A web application i wrote one evening when i was bored. Take it with a pinch of salt as some of the jokes are well.., way way past the line.

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Gridr was created when i needed a simple css grid system without using an javascript or frameworks.



This is a small wordpress plugin which will allow you to remove the footer section within the admin dashboard. It's also free!



This is a small wordpress plug-in which i wrote to stop people from using wpScan and similar applications to enumerate usernames and passwords from a wordpress database. It's also free!

Domain Checker

Domain Checker does what it says on the tin really. A little script which I wrote a while back for a project i was working on at the time.



LinkTraker lets you easily count how many times a link is clicked by referring them to your server first. This monitors lots of information based on the user.

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AUTHuser is a complete package for user authentication within PHP and MYSQL. This is an ideal download for beginners to learn the basics of hashing and handling sessions.

Demo Coming Soon