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21st December, 2016

Sorry, No API For Auto-Trader? I Will Just Web Scrape Then!

Wednesday evening i was approached by my MD at work who spoke about a new site for a client who’s recently become a car dealer and signed up to Autotrader.co.uk.

Apparently the client wasn’t happy with the styling of his new site and wanted a new bespoke build on his own hosting and domain. The current site was provided by auto trader themselves, as part of the dealer partnership means you can have all your vehicles also displayed on your website as wel...

18th February, 2016

My New Domain Checker

So here it is, the long awaited domain name checker which i said i would hand out about a year back. A brief history into this app, I was working on a project a while back and we needed to include an advanced domain search for a hosting website.

This started me on a search across the web to see how other went about writing these and i stumbled across a basic app which was written by Scott Connell. I used his code as a base to work from and get my head around...