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Hidden Service
Hidden Service
28th July, 2017

Setup and host multiple hidden onion services

Hidden onion services are actually pretty easy to setup but maintaining them and keeping them secure is a whole new story. Im going to run you through how to set and manage your hidden service both locally and remotely.

When thinking about hosting a hidden service you have a few things to consider. I have tried to break these down into seperate points below (almost as a checklist).

The service
By now you should already know what type o...

Hidden Service
28th July, 2017

Creating custom onion domains with shallot

Tor’s .onion links can often look quite random in this article I will show you how to create customized .onion address for use with Tor’s hidden services.Customized .onion links can often help other Tor users find and recognize your site easier. 

For example take Facebook’s .onion hidden service that lets users access Facebook’s website more safely. Facebook .onion link is facebookcorewwwi.onion For a hash of a public key that’s r...

Hidden Service
24th April, 2017

Its About To Get Even Easier To Hide On The Dark Web

Sites on the so-called dark web, or darknet, typically operate under what seems like a privacy paradox: While anyone who knows a dark web sites address can visit it, no one can figure out who hosts that site, or where. It hides in plain sight. But changes coming to the anonymity tools underlying the darknet promise to make a new kind of online privacy possible.

Soon anyone will be able to create their own corner of the internet thats not just anonymous and untracea...