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18th February, 2016

My New Domain Checker

So here it is, the long awaited domain name checker lol. A brief history into this app, I was working on a project a while back and we needed to include an advanced domain search for a hosting website.

This started me on a search across the web to see how other went about writing these and i stumbled across a basic app which was written by Scott Connell. I used his code as a base to work from and get my head around how to request the data. Should it be an API or not? etc etc.

After a while i had come up with this. Now this is nothing like the one we used on the clients sites as they required a very advanced system but this did help me think about how i should write it. Hopefully this will offer the same basic support to other new PHP developers that it offered to me at the time.

You can add as many extension types as you wish and hook it up to as many domain name providers you can find. If you have any question please let me know.

Download the code
You can download the code for free by clicking here.