Hi I'm Josh, a Web Developer at Led Flex. I'm currently living in London with my family and have a worrying addiction to GTA 5. You can see my work here or at and or scroll down for my blog.
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18th February, 2016

My New Domain Checker

So here it is, the long awaited domain name checker lol. A brief history into this app, I was working on a project a while back and we needed to include an advanced domain search for a hosting website.

This started me on a search across the web to see how other went about writing these and i stumbled across a basic app which was written by Scott Connell. I used his code as a base to work from and get my head around how to request the data. Should it be an AP...

15th February, 2016

Wordpress And Enumerating Usernames

Below you will find some extracts of code which i have written to demonstrate how to stop these kinds of attacks. The funny thing is i have also put articles on my blog on how to run an attack on a WordPress site so some many call me a bit of a back stabber or ‘a bit of a dick head’, oh well. Well none the less i have still given you this WordPress user enumerating plugin for free so if you don’t use this or a similar one, well then its your own fault.

3rd January, 2016

How Does Rockstar Deal With Severs And Glitches?

As a daily contributor to the online world of Grand Theft Auto 5, i was surprised that i after playing for a year or so now i have never thought about how they handle the game glitches and traffic.

Servers are a keen interest of mine and working out just how Rockstar produces a strong enough platform for hundreds to connect to whilst still enabling the user to save on the fly and recover personal vehicles etc.

So i had a poke around and this is my findings....